Vol. 1.

Cultural Forum

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This is a project that I am most passionate about and was the main reason I applied for a job in programming at Yarra. 


The aim of the project was to develop a series of forums as an ongoing conversation about who we are and how we define ourselves int the world and do so from a post-colonial perspective. 


 Thanks to the contributions of Post-colonial theorists, such as Edward Said, we have a theoretical framework to understand colonialism and how it operated. In the field of culture, Said argues that western dominance was maintained through discourse and 


"make statements about [non-western peoples] authorising views of it, describing it, teaching it, settling it."


It is this mode of representation, that our project sought to depart. To achieve this, we decided to move from standardised and perhaps ossified cultural calendar dates and hold events outside these times to expand the conversation. Second, we wanted to develop panels through consultation and collaboration with local people and not-for-profit organisations. 

Such an approach has lead, even after a couple of months in, to unique insights and what feels like a more authentic approach to discussions around culture and identities. It has helped us to build strong relationships with various organisations and work toward meaningful change. 

Vol. 1. Cultural Forum:1:3 Out of Order

Our first forum was held in March and provided a platform for first-hand experiences from people working in organisations such as HerSpace that provides long-term counselling for women who have experienced sexual exploitation or like Lorraine violence and misrepresentation in African communities. 


Violence against Women is a global epidemic, and is now receiving world-wide attention through campaigns like # Me too and Time Is Up. Since 2014, the number of reported cases of gender-based violence has increased an alarming 8.2% with 1 in 3 women affected. Less publicised issues such as sexual exploitation continue to be seen as a distant global issue while online harassment has become a common form of exchange.


Trish O’Donohue (Head Projects Officer Safe Steps Family Violence resource Centre)

Lorraine (African Family Services)

Emily Hanscamp (CEO of HerSpace)

Caitlin McGrane (social media researcher and communications professional) 

Lorraine (African Family Services)


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